Our first album has been released on Copepod Records. Visit the Copepod website to get full details about the CD, listen to excerpts from the CD, and if you like, buy it.

here is what 'The Wire' magazine had to say about the album :

"...the session led by pianist Luke Barlow, featuring Ward on clarinet and guitar, throws high spirits and optimism around in abundance. Barlow’s group jams itself into manic grooves and swings like an unashamed jazz band, but they project a distinct identity. Barlow’s compositions have melody lines with a folksy quality and are given extra spice with Brubeckian asymmetrical time signatures and cinematically chopped up structures. In “Tetherdown” free sections are crosscut with abruptly inserted chunks of the main theme, keeping the flow thriving on heavy-duty suspense. Ward’s clarinet playing has recognisable roots in the rasping momentum of Benny Goodman, but his abstracted loops lunge at the excellent Santiago Horro (bass) and Oli Bird (drums) rhythm section provocatively. The slapstick joy of “Fast Eddy” probably contains his finest solo, and Barlow’s deadpan and highly intelligent note-choices make the perfect foil. A hugely enjoyable record."